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    Spring 2020 winners

    For over a decade, the ONE Design Contest has given artists and advocates a platform to express their views on sexual health. Winning designs are featured on ONE’s signature, round condom wrappers. ONE will also donate a total of 50,000 condoms to the artists’ health organizations of choice.

    A combination of voting by ONE staff and a panel of guest judges determines the Top 50 Finalist designs, which are then voted on by the public. Public Voting helps determine the Grand Prize Winner, Runner-Up Winner and 8 Honorable Mentions.

    Think you got what it takes to design ONE? Submit your art.


    Jordana Deutsch

    Connecticut, USA


    Lyndsay Baker
    "Never Without ONE"
    Felicia Tee
    "Relax! It's the Non Swim Island"
    "ROCK ONE ON!"
    Connecticut, USA
    Erica Luu
    "Cap It B4 You Tap It"
    Stefan Marin
    Phoenix, USA
    "Special Delivery"
    @TJ_Albalito, California
    "ONE Great View"
    California, USA
    Reid Kille
    "Odd ONE"
    Portland, OR, USA


    Macie Dutra
    California, USA
    Vilela Valentin
    "The Sailor and the Merman"
    "Have ONE"
    Anne Seidler
    "The Three Vegeteers"
    California, USA
    Lorance Huang


    A huge THANK YOU to our two guest judges who used their keen eyes and spectacular senses of style to help us select the winners for our SPRING 2020 Contest!

    Jason Sidney Sanford
    Jason Lee Bartlett
    First time guest judge. Condom advocate and activist. Jason was the first to create a petition to allow trans* people into the military. Prom king at Lady Gaga's prom in Newport. Born and raised in Providence Rhode Island, you can find Jason Bartlett knitting, volunteering at the local animal shelter or taking care of goats in the summer. Current senior fine art student at the Community College of Rhode Island. Mr. Bartlett's artwork can be found here:
    Jared Maraio
    Carrie the One
    Carrie the One is a higher education professional by day, a drag performer and content creatorby night, and a hot mess 24/7. You can find her on Twitch or Patreon, usually screaming at a video game or trying to draw two eyebrows that look like they belong on the same face. Carrie's passion for sexual health education and promotion began in college at the University of Maine as a Peer Educator, where she could often be found presenting for various classes and groups on campus, usually by stretching a condom over her whole entire arm while also dressed guessed it, a condom.