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    Start conversations about sexual health and safer sex in your community, campus or through your health organization. We’re talking about a fashion show featuring garments and accessories made out condoms! Make it an event. Make it a contest. Make it a fundraiser. Be a designer. Get creative. We’ll make it easy by supplying plenty of colorful unlubricated condoms, prizes, promotional materials and other resources!



    Boulder Valley Women's Health Center

    September 24, 2016

    The house was packed at the Condom Couture: Once Upon a Runway show! This design was created by Sierra Wonderlynd, who won the Art of ONE award for the most creative design. Read more


    UCCS The Scribe: "Second annual Condom Fashion Show hopes to bring awareness to safe sex practices"

    Daily Camera: "Boulder and the Beautiful: How I grew up to be The Balloon Girl"

    Latina Magazine: "Why This Artist Designed a Frida Kahlo-Inspired Dress Made of Condoms"

    The Daily Gamecock: "Project Condom becomes powerful platform for sexual issues"

    The Diamond Back: "Students celebrate birth control with condom fashion show"

    Arnold School of Public Health: "Project is brainchild of Sexual Health Program Coordinator Ryan Wilson"