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    Can one experience too much pleasure? Of course not. So our super-secret team of sexual scientists developed our most epic creation yet: the UltraFeel 2-in-1 pack. Each exclusive pack contains an ultra-thin condom combined with an extra lube pouch for your pleasure and comfort.

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    The Science Behind The Sexy.

    Maybe you're wondering how we enhanced both pleasure and comfort all in one package? We developed 4 advanced technologies to reinvent the condom. Was it magic? Nope. Just smart people doing smart things. See the details below.

    2-in-1 Pack

    Using additional lube with condoms takes pleasure and comfort to a whole new level. But only 23% of people report doing it. That's why UltraFeel features an extra lube pack with our extra-lubricated condom to make sex out of this world for everyone.


    The super thin condom in our 2-in-1 pack is less than the thickness of a human hair. Let that sink in: Less. Than. A. Human. Hair. That's pretty damn thin. And as our thinnest condom to date - you'll get all the pleasure of feeling close to your partner without sacrificing premium protection.


    Buckle in for a smooth ride all the way to Cloud 9. No pit stops necessary. Unlike most condoms that are lubricated after they're rolled, our perfectly engineered TotalGlide™ technology lubricates our condoms from top to bottom before they're rolled. Now everyone can enjoy a smoother ride.


    When you're rockin', the last thing you want to be worrying about is your roll. But unfortunately, over 60% of people struggle with the roll at the base of their condoms being too tight. So, we did what any super scientists would do, and made our rolls super thin for extra comfort.

    Ready To Experience Ultra-Pleasure?

    Pick up an UltraFeel 2-in-1 pack at your local CVS.

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