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    Just like condoms come in different shapes and sizes, birth control comes in many different kinds. Medication is different, so is our sexual health. So, in honor of National Condom Month, we teamed up with our friends at Pandia Health to bring you some special deals and a whole lotta fun. Check it out!


    Perfectly in time for Valentine’s Day ;)

    Value: $49


    ONE® Oasis Silk® is our premium hybrid, pH-balanced lubricant specially formulated with sexual health experts.

    ONE® Mixed Pleasures™ condom variety pack features the most unique condom styles on the market from hyper-thin and studded to glow in the dark.

    ONE® UltraFeel™ condom + lube combo is the perfect little party in one convenient wrapper.

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    Facebook Live!

    Join us for a Facebook Live on all things condoms, lubes, Measure A Penis Day, and sexual health!

    Who? ONE® Condoms Marketing Director Milla Impola and Pandia Health CEO & Founder Dr. Sophia Yen.

    When? Tuesday 2/2/2021 5pm PST

    How? @pandiahealth's Facebook, Youtube & LinkedIn

    Measure A Penis Day! February 1st

    Sometimes standard condoms just don’t fit right, whether they squeeze and cause erection loss – or are too loose and slip off. And just like birth control, you might have to test some different styles before you find the one you love. For those who need a better condom fit, myONE® provides 60 condom sizes. Whether you’ve got a penis on your body or in your life, it can be awkward to talk to a partner about penis size and condom fit. But it shouldn’t be—and now it won’t. Check out our Measure A Penis Day resources!

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    Why birth control and condoms play well together

    Check out our blog on why birth control pills and condoms go well together. And we know not all bodies who use ONE® Condoms use birth control, but you might have someone in your life who just might need this info.

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