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    Preferred by 70% of consumers over the leading ultra-thin condom

    VANISH represents a true achievement in condom manufacturing. Not only is it 35% thinner than our standard condoms, but it's made with a new, softer latex that feels great and moves with the body for additional comfort.

    The results are clear - in a blind performance test with frequent condom users, 70% preferred VANISH over the leading ultra-thin condom.

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    Rave Reviews

    "So incredibly intimate and comfortable for us both—feels almost like nothing is there! The built-in MOVE lubricant made a noticeable, stellar difference in the experience."

    "My new favorite. Incredibly thin with a good fit. Sensation is close to that of not wearing a condom."

    "I loved this condom. It felt like I didn't even have it on, comfortable and extra smooth."

    "The first thing we noticed was that it was thin, really thin. It felt great for both parties."

    "Excellent all around, couldn't have gotten any better."

    "Super thin and excellent feeling for both of us."