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    ONE® Canada Condom Collection Now Available!

    ONE® believes in the power of art to start conversations about sexual health. For Canada’s 150th Anniversary, ONE® challenged the nation to “Do It For Canada” by designing a condom wrapper that celebrates Canadian life, culture and history. Now, the 39 winning condom wrapper designs are available for purchase at select retailers across Canada.

    The beds will be rockin' in the land of the loonie!

    Vanish Hyper-Thin
    Mixed Pleasures
    Super Sensitive
    Super Studs

    Available at:

    ONE® and

    • London Drugs
    • Metro
    • Rexall
    • Shoppers
    • Food Basics
    • Food Basics

    See the ONE® Canada Collection, designed by artists and advocates across the country:

    I never thought I'd be so excited to see my art being ripped up and thrown away, but here I am putting my designs onto ONE wrappers for consenting adults across Canada. This contest was the perfect way for me to sprinkle my sense of humour into my design work. I'm so glad Canada loved them!

    – Emma Scott —

    I couldn’t resist such a quirky contest in celebration of this great country of ours. I was laughing through the entire process of creating this design, and I’m thrilled I could bring that feeling to other people. I hope it makes people laugh all over this wonderful and loving country.

    A. E. Thompson

    I submitted my design because I not only wanted to "make it rain" my condom design, but because I saw a need to contribute to a much needed conversation about safer sex in our communities. ONE gave me a platform in which to open that dialog as well as share my art on a larger scale than I ever could have dreamed of!

    Cassidy Luteijn

    My design stems from Canada's history and love for the good ol' hockey game. This was a really fun project for me and I am very grateful to ONE for giving us Canadian artists an opportunity to express our love and appreciation for our great country in the best way we know: EPIC ART!

    Amanda Cicero

    As a proud Canadian, I was happy to participate in this contest. I am excited to have had my design chosen, and to have the condoms donated to Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights to help promote sexual health and education throughout Canada and globally.

    Moozhan Ahmadzadegan

    I spent some time thinking about things that are uniquely Canadian, but not too stereotypical. I figured a lot of people would make beaver puns and Mountie jokes, so I went for more something more subtle: toques, taps and tarts! I’m really excited that my ONE Tall Toque design made it to the top!

    Julie Martin

    Safe is Sexy. My art is inspired by the weird and wonderful. Participating in this contest was an awesome way to share my art with all you lovely freaks and geeks. Making condom use a fun and exciting part of sex is important to me.

    Sarah Eliza Ball

    I chose to design a single maple leaf in honour of Canada 150. I wanted to exemplify the fact that although Canada is diverse, we are truly ONE strong nation. Participating in this design contest expanded my creative outlook; designing something that I've never thought of before!

    B. Trelle

    I though it was great that ONE was both offering exposure for emerging designers and donating to health organizations with this contest. My design was inspired by Toronto's Distillery Historic District. Antique things make me happy.

    Larysa Musick

    Snow and the cold weather are very representative for me of what it is like living in Canada. Everyone talks about the weather. I especially love it when you hear, "It's a Cold ONE out there — keep warm!"  Ever since I started painting watercolours, snow has been one of my favorite subjects, and I always look forward to go snowshoeing at a local trail and take pictures.

    Julieta Cortes

    As a Canadian artist, I was really excited when I came across this contest. I wanted to capture the essence of Canada in a character design and came up with a maple syrup loving moose. I am honoured to have my design chosen to represent Canada!

    Laura Makaltses

    I wanted to be able to include my indigenous identity in the Canada Design Contest, as indigenous people are huge part to Canada’s identity.

    Ellena Neel

    I participated in this contest because of my awesome colleagues at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre. We thought it would be an incredibly fun thing to do together. Our organisation already uses ONE condoms to give away for free to encourage safer sex practices, so creating designs for the Canada Day contest was a no brainer!

    E. Sulzer

    From experience, it can be rather embarrassing to buy condoms. However, it is perhaps the easiest way to practice safe sex, and there should be no stigma against women such as myself for wanting to be safe. I see a need for condom branding that is less geared towards aggressive sexuality, and instead focusing on a more peaceful and aesthetic design. I chose the moose as it is one of Canada's most symbolic animals and among my favourite fauna.

    Yiming Zhang

    As a starving information design student I was just excited about maybe winning money, but the whole experience has been brilliant, from the contest staff to the people that supported me by voting and telling people to vote, to being able to support organizations that may be over looked otherwise.

    Amanda Derksen

    I was inspired to create this design because in my work, we are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways of engaging our target demographics. I thought the design was funny in an unexpected way, and showcased pride not only for Canada, but my province of residence. I chose AIDS Saskatoon as my benefit organization because they do valuable harm reduction work.

    S. Fang

    The contest was a fun way for me to use my creativity. And the image itself expresses fun or joyfulness, represented by the two fish coupling: safe and fun as long as condoms are used – a positive message.

    Ben Wang

    I love decorating stuff around me, walls, boxes... so why not condoms! Hey, I just added some colour to other people's lives, isn't that a day well spent?


    For my design, "Cheeky One," I was inspired to highlight Canada's most iconic animal in an amusing and quirky way that hasn't been seen before.

    S. Lam

    I thought, "What is a truly Canadian everyday object that wouldn't look out of place shaped like a condom?

    N. Manley

    Canadians love and are really proud of their country. As a globetrotter, I never see that kind of love and pride anywhere else in the world. That inspired me to participate in this contest.

    Minh Nguyen

    I'm so proud to have my work recognized by this amazing company. I believe wholeheartedly in ONE's mission and their commitment to promote authentic conversations about sex and sexuality and reduce barriers to access for those in vulnerable communities. That's just one of the reasons why I selected Northwestern Health Unit to receive my donation. Northern communities are often lacking for resources and funding, in spite of the crucial work they do for under-served individuals. My donation comes as a form of solidarity-- you are not alone.

    Melissa TG

    The first visual represents an igloo whose form is the form of a condom. The second visual represents a Branta. The peculiarity of this animal is its white spot on the cheek, of a phallic form. So I diverted his white spot by suggesting a condom. In my graphic proposals, I wanted a strong concept, minimalist and colorful.

    Laurie Larue