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    December 29, 2021

    How Does Sex Feel Different to Men and Women?

    Ever been mid-sexual experience and wondered to yourself, “wow this feels good, I wonder how they’re feeling”? What about whether people experience sexuality differently based on their bodies? If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like this, then this article is...
    December 28, 2021

    Can Sex Toys Make Your Sex Life Better?

    Looking to spice things up a bit in your sex life? Sex toys might be a great option for you! By introducing sex toys into your sexual experiences, you can both explore your sexual desire and experience some positive health...
    November 30, 2021

    Have the Confidence of Having A Condom (Be Prepared!)

    There are few moments in life that inspire confidence like knowing you’re prepared for the big moment. It could be a big presentation for school, an important meeting for work, a big game for your sports team or even having...
    November 30, 2021

    Why Do People Buy Flavored Condoms?

    Have you ever been in your local pharmacy or drug store, seen flavored condoms on the shelves and wondered to yourself, “What are those and who is buying those?” Maybe you were browsing and you saw an exciting tropical flavor...
    November 19, 2021

    How Many Dates Before Having Sex?

    Many of us were lucky enough to grow up with friends and family who were invested in our dating and romantic lives. And because of this same care, many of us were also advised on how sexual activity should factor...