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One Condoms® is working to get people talking, learning and taking action to promote safer sex and sexual health education. Rates of STI and HIV/AIDS are growing worldwide and yet sexual health education has been increasingly silenced. Discussions about sexual safety are still shrouded in taboo and misunderstanding. We at One Condoms® believe that by working together, as friends, families and communities, we can begin to break through the stigma and discomfort to promote smart sexual health education.

Strong convictions and responsible actions are a crucial part of promoting safer sex and sexual health conversation. We hope that this oath will not only build a public community of vocal supporters of sexual health education, but also inspire introspection and action on the part of those pledging. We want to turn up the volume on conversations about safer sex, sexual health and prevention of STIs and HIV.

To show your support for these ideals, please sign your name to the pledge below.

One® Condoms Safer Sex Oath
I pledge to educate myself.
  • I will seek out complete and factual information about STIs.
  • I will learn how to use condoms and dental dams correctly.
  • I will get tested and speak honestly about my HIV status.

I pledge to protect myself.

  • I will use condoms and dental dams when engaging in risky behavior.
  • I will be honest about my sexual habits when speaking with my physicians.
  • I will ask my partners about their HIV status.

I pledge to speak out.

  • I will advocate comprehensive sexual health education.
  • I will encourage consistent condom use and periodic testing.
  • I will provide factual information to those seeking to learn about safer sex.

I believe that we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about safer sex.

I believe that we must protect ourselves when we engage in sexual activity.

I believe that we must share our knowledge & speak out in support of comprehensive education.

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