Additional Resources

Other Resources

What if discussions with your parents don't go the way you had hoped? Unfortunately, some parents and their children will simply never see eye-to-eye on the topic of sex. Just because your communication with your parents isn't constructive, you should not simply keep your sexual questions, knowledge, experiences and anxieties to yourself. It's important to have other resources that you can turn to if you need to discuss sexuality or sexual health. Try keeping a list of names and phone numbers of adults that you respect and trust to give you accurate advice about sex. Also, much of the advice given above can be applied to other people you talk about sex with. Who might these resources be?

Medical professionals are often a great resource for sexual health information. Try talking to your doctors, the school nurse, or the staff at your local health clinic.   Therapists, counselors and anonymous hotlines are also available when you need to talk and can help you work through any issues you may be having. Other adults you are close to like relatives, family friends or even your friends' parents can be another resource. Lastly, the Internet and the library contain a huge number of sites and books dedicated to sexual health information.