Versus The Nothing out of Vancouver, BC, is a 5 piece melodic hard rock band, with a dynamic and energetic live show, with music that has an emphasis on heavy guitars and powerful melodic vocals.

The band independently released their debut album “Let it all Come Down” in 2008, with the track “Bleed the Ocean” quickly being snapped up by Mazda for an online campaign, also earning Top 5 winner in the esteemed Vancouver CFOX 2008 Seeds contest. The album’s title track “Let it all Come Down” has been in regular rotation on stations across Canada since the release, as well as several U.S. stations.

In 2009 “Into You” was chosen for Tom Green’s movie released direct to video Shred or be Ridden, a major motion picture starring Tom Green. They have been featured in many industry magazine’s including No Cover and Point Magazine, winning rave reviews for both their album releases and live performances.

With 2 full albums and an EP release, the young band has toured Western Canada 3 times, stretching further out each time, most recently returning from a trip that took them from their home in Vancouver BC to the Maritimes and back, taking off in February of this year and returning home in mid May. The band took some time at home this summer to record a new release before heading out on tour again, only breaking to play “Battle Grounds Extreme Festival” in Alberta and a show in Vancouver with Like a Storm. On the road again now from October to December in support of the yet to be released album “Black Gloves”, VTN will once again hit the tour road, going coast to coast for the second time in 2010. Versus the Nothing’s hard work has been paying off with some high profile attention and winning them gigs sharing the stage with bands like Bison BC and The Stanfield’s on this current tour.

Song Album
Let It All Come Down  

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