Rosedale is an edgy power-pop band taking the music scene by storm. The energetic group is comprised of Mike Liorti (vocals, guitars, piano), Mitch Sousa (guitar), Mike Zancai (bass) and Emerson Tavares (drums). With musical influences ranging from punk, pop, alternative and even hip hop, their catchy melodies and lively performances are gaining fast-growing acclaim among young fans.

Rosedale’s video for “You’ll Count To Ten”, off their debut album “Past Times With Old Friends”, has been featured on The Punk Show airing nationally on Canada’s Much Music.

Their upcoming EP “Get Going”, is sure to solidify the group’s reputation as a band of tomorrow. Featuring fan favorite “West Coast Fever”, Rosedale’s newest effort is set to be released in the summer of 2009.

Song Album
West Coast Fever  
Online Venting Get Going

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