Pray for Polanski was not conjured out of thin air, rather built before the eager eyes of the Boston local music scene. They approach their fourth anniversary in September of 2010, and have come a long way from the basement where singer/songwriter/guitarist Aviv Rubinstien met Dan Ramspacher, the original drummer and other founding member of PFP. Pissing off sleeping neighbors and studious coeds, they combined rock and roll, punk, folk, blues and rockabilly to make a sound fast, loud and energetic while at once being thoughtful and well-crafted.

Pray for Polanski is now Rubinstien, Anne Warnock, singer band member since 2007, Andrew Muro, who joined the band in 2008, just days before their first tour, and Josh Richard, the phenomenal drummer for Kick Drum, who in 2010 stepped in to replace original Drummer, Dan Ramspacher. Ramspacher left PFP to work for NASA in Greenbelt, Maryland, but is known to stop by and sit in for the occasional PFP show.

Dual vocals and fast and tight songs have become a trademark of their unique sound and in 2008, PFP became the first band to sign with Allston upstart music label F-Nice Records, and continues to walk around flaunting their O.G. status to this day.

The band’s first EP “The Ghost and Bones” was released in July 2008, and was on “noise Boston’s” top 10 albums of the month until the end of 2008. The Ghost and Bones was also number 10 on WZBC’s top albums of 2008. In 2009, the band released their first full length LP “The Death of Dennis Patrick Robbins.”

PFP has played with nationally and internationally renown acts such as Neva Dinova, Howlies, The Pink Spiders, FOALS, The Ruby Suns, and Illinois. However, they are always eager to play a show in a scummy basement with many of the friends that they’ve made on their long road.

Song Album
Clever Cleaver  
Fly Fly  
It's a Lie  

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