Atlanta, Georgia: Home to CNN, Coca-Cola, and the world’s worst airport experience; a city burned in effigy during the Civil War, and again each Summer since – once home to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Hank Aaron, and the impossibly annoying Ryan Seacrest. Atlanta, standing uniquely liberal in the proper “red south,” has always had a nasty habit of breeding turbulent music and art, therefore it seems only proper that a band like Nerd Parade make its home there.

Nerd Parade’s dense history is likely to invoke the spirit of Fleetwood Mac or King Crimson, as they are a tumultuous organization that has never rested on laurels, never gotten comfortable, never been the same band twice. From the low-fidelity electronic pop of their debut, A Delicate bashing, through the expansive southern progressive experimentalism of The Span of A Life, Nerd Parade has always toyed with the possibility of being the first band on earth that was completely unhindered by genre, unapologetic in their decision making, and most importantly, unfaltering in devotion to their craft.

Nerd Parade, newly re-formed and re-tooled, stands at the precipice of yet another stunning transformation. A new album, Daylight Saving Time has pushed the band further into uncharted space. Drawing heavily on their own vicious cycle of deconstruction and assembly, the band has managed to make a tremendously poignant, embattled, yet uplifting narrative that spans epochs in rock homage. Completely self-recorded and produced, as all Nerd Parade albums are, Daylight Saving Time Burns bright and echoes in the infinite unlike any other effort by the band. Muscular, mature, faithful – it stands as guardian over the collective output of this eclectic group of musicians.

The band is currently writing new music, and plans are in the works for a 2011 Tour

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Song Album
The Devil of California (Remix) Exclusive
Outside A Delicate Bashing
Kenny Rogers Tune A Delicate Bashing
A Bird's Song A Delicate Bashing
Spies A Delicate Bashing
Let It Go A Delicate Bashing

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