Edgar Jr. (born Edgar Gonzalez, Jr.) is a Navy brat turned singer-songwriter that you’ll love to love. A native to the piano and stringed instruments like the guitar, ukulele, violin and viola, Edgar mixes up resplendent rhythmic goodness on his trusty loop pedal, topped off by lyrics so charming that you won’t mind that they’re virtually handcrafted to be stuck in your head.

Born in Los Angeles and shuffled across the continent as a tot, Edgar Jr. moved to Orlando in 2006 to bring in the good news: indie folk is not dead – it’s alive and well, and Edgar Jr. serves it up fresh on his latest studio length album, “Homemade”.

A top-played artist on Orlando’s favorite radio station for new music, 91.5 WPRK, Edgar Jr. has also been spotted as a featured artist in the pages of the Orlando Weekly and singing in his bathroom on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". No, really.

No stranger to live shows, Edgar has toured from Key West to Virginia, occasionally stopping to jam with Amanda Palmer's Brigade at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale and to share the stage with Less Than Jake at the 2010 Greenwaves Music Festival.

Edgar Jr. is currently working a new album that will feature guest artists Joseph Egan (Juan Pablo, Colors), Ian Grail (Colors), Reni Gongora (The Serpent Tapering), and many more. He’s also preparing original music for a central Florida charity arts showcase and will be recording a music video for his single, “Break Through”, an original song composed for friend and writer Alexandre Wall’s original stage play of the same name.

Stay tuned!

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Breathing Exercises  
No Undiscovered Truth  
The End  

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