Welcome to the AUDIBLE MAINFRAME, where man meets machine and where analog vs. digital is a way of life. AUDIBLE MAINFRAME was conceived in Boston, MA in May, 2003. As a six-piece live, hip-hop band known for their high-energy shows, AMF appeals to crowds of all musical tastes. Their combination of experimental meets true school hip hop, with a creative message, gives AUDIBLE MAINFRAME a fresh, eclectic sound that sets them apart from the rest. AMF has performed with well-known artists like Blackalicious, Damian Marley, LMFAO, Wale, K-OS, and served as the backing band for hip hop legend Slick Rick. With their latest release, Transients, AMF introduces their brand of Future Throwback Hip Hop. Transients has been well received by fans and critics alike and is currently available on iTunes.com, CDBaby.com and selected retail outlets.

AMF includes six young musicians comprised of a vocalist/emcee, guitar, bass, drummer, keyboards/trumpet, and a DJ who combine their musical talent with the realities of everyday life in pure, hip hop form. Vocalist and Emcee, Exposition (a.k.a. Expo), takes the crowd on a journey of poverty, anger, happiness, and revolution through his masterful diction and rhyme. The group’s work schedule includes playing shows up and down the California coast, as well as Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada, all the while living up to the reputation they developed in Boston as one of the best live bands around. In between their own studio albums and live shows, AMF has lent its collective talents to a number of charity events such as a benefit for Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina victims; a Darfur benefit at The Knitting Factory; a Burma benefit at UCLA; Holiday benefit for families of Political Prisoners; Veteran's Day benefit for the Salvation Army; and Downtown LA’s At The Park After Dark event, serving at-risk youth. AMF truly live their message.

For additional information, visit www.TheAudibleMainframe.com, add AMF on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Song Album
Money & Flash  
Anybody Else  
Subi Alto (Climb High)  
Something Great  
One War to Be One

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