Foundation Encourages Americans to Use Their Voices to Share Sexual Health Knowledge

BOSTON (August 30, 2007) - Global Protection Corp., maker of the popular ONE ® Condom brand, today announced the launch of the ONE Voice Foundation, an organization whose platform is devoted to to igniting dialogue surrounding safer sex.   At a time when accurate sexual health information is critical in the United States, Global Protection is responding with educational tools and social strategies encouraging informed conversations. The Foundation's first initiative, the ONE Campus LifeGuard program, supports this mission by encouraging young adults in college communities to use their voices as vehicles for change.   To emphasize the importance of this safer sex mission, Global Protection has committed to donating five percent of all ONE Condom sales to the ONE Voice Foundation, thus funding and supporting sexual health programs and projects.  

Davin Wedel, founder and president of Global Protection, has dedicated his life to developing a platform to promote safer sex. As a result, his company has devoted resources to encourage sexual health and eliminate social taboos surrounding prophylactics. The ONE Voice Foundation is a natural extension of this and was created as a response to the growing need for sexual awareness in the United States.   The same energy and creativity used to make unique products such as Pleasure Plus® , Night Light® and ONE® , will be used toward implementing social change. This experience uniquely qualifies Global Protection to lead the discussion on safer sex.

"Misinformation and social taboos have distracted the public, and too many Americans are ill-equipped with adequate knowledge regarding their sexual health" says Wedel.  "The ONE Voice Foundation is dedicated to providing a national forum for open dialogue regarding safer sex. Collectively, the power of our voices can help reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases."  

ONE Voice Foundation ignites the sexual health conversation with programs targeted at most sexually active demographics. ONE Voice provides accurate, up-to-date information and tips on how to begin the conversation with a loved one or a family member. It also encourages individuals to become more active regarding sexual health issues and to share their knowledge with others through peer to peer initiatives.  

ONE Voice Foundation Shouts Across America

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in four people has or has had a sexually transmitted disease, and each year, there are approximately 19 million new infections, half among youth age 15 to 24.   Americans view AIDS as a dilemma in Africa, but domestic transmission rates of sexually transmitted diseases have not improved since the 1980's AIDS crisis. STD statistics continue to increase while the knowledge about sexual health is continuing to decline. Not including HIV, more than 8 billion dollars are spent each year to diagnose and treat STDs and their complications.  

One Voice Foundation seeks to provide Americans with the tools they need to educate themselves about sexual health, and to influence and engage their friends, family and loved ones.   ONE Voice Foundation is initiating the safe sex discussion and is encouraging Americans to share their knowledge .

ONE Campus LifeGuards Suiting up to Protect U.S. Colleges

The ONE Voice Foundation is kicking-off the 2007 academic year with its first initiative, the ONE Campus LifeGuard program.   The Campus LifeGuard program is a peer to peer initiative encouraging involvement from college students around the country and providing product, educational tools and support.  

According to The Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 82 percent of college men and 87 percent of college women continue to report sex with multiple partners while failing to use condoms.   Students who are sexual advocates can change these statistics by easily becoming a ONE Campus LifeGuard, all they need is inspiration and voice.  

Campus LifeGuards will work with ONE Voice Foundation to distribute free condoms on campus and motivate their fellow students to become more active with regards to their sexual health. The Foundation will also support campus activities or events that promote sexual health.   Successful LifeGuards will qualify for additional benefits, including prizes, giveaways, scholarships and more on the website.

About Global Protection
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